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A gas fireplace is an exciting way to bring life to your home. We offer the most affordable fireplaces in Colorado! Quality that matters at prices that won’t make your head spin.

Traditional Fireplace Stores
Colorado Comfort Design

Project Aspect

  • Contractor Coordination
  • Framing
  • Electrical Work
  • Masonry & Stone Work
  • Finishes
  • Customer Involvement
  • Project Management
  • Time Efficiency
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Overall Experience

Traditional Fireplace Stores

  • Requires multiple contractors for different tasks
  • The customer must hire a separate contractor
  • A separate electrical contractor is needed
  • Requires hiring specialized contractors
  • The customer must arrange for the finishing touchestd
  • High customers coordinate multiple services
  • The customer manages multiple contractors and timelines
  • It can be time-consuming due to coordination issues
  • Potentially higher due to separate contractor fees
  • Fragmented and potentially stressful

Colorado Comfort Designs

  • Single point of contact
  • Included in the turnkey service
  • Managed by Colorado Comfort Designs
  • Included in the service
  • Provided as part of the package
  • Low; minimal hassle and heavy lifting
  • The project is managed entirely by Colorado Comfort Designs
  • Streamlined process, saving time
  • More cost-effective with a comprehensive package
  • Seamless and hassle-free
Project AspectTraditional Fireplace StoresColorado Comfort Designs
Contractor CoordinationRequires multiple contractors for different tasksGermany
FramingThe customer must hire a separate contractorIncluded in the turnkey service
Electrical WorkA separate electrical contractor is neededManaged by Colorado Comfort Designs
Masonry & Stone WorkRequires hiring specialized contractorsIncluded in the service
FinishesThe customer must arrange for the finishing touchestdProvided as part of the package
Customer InvolvementHigh; customers coordinate multiple servicesLow; minimal hassle and heavy lifting
Project ManagementThe customer manages multiple contractors and timelinesThe project is managed entirely by Colorado Comfort Designs
Time EfficiencyIt can be time-consuming due to coordination issuesStreamlined process, saving time
Cost EfficiencyPotentially higher due to separate contractor feesMore cost-effective with a comprehensive package
Overall ExperienceFragmented and potentially stressful Seamless and hassle-free

Why Us

At Colorado Comfort Designs LLC, we provide a complete, turnkey solution for all your fireplace needs. Our comprehensive service includes Gas Logs Sales & Installation, Gas Fire Pit Installation, Outdoor Kitchen Service, and Gas Fireplace Repair to Installation, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience. As a premier fire place store, we offer a wide selection of high-quality fireplaces, including Commercial Fireplaces, to suit any style and budget. Our expert team handles every aspect of the process, from helping you choose the perfect fireplace to professional installation and finishing touches.

Fire Safety

NFI Certified

We are proud to be NFI (National Fireplace Institute) certified, which is a testament to our commitment to excellence and safety in fireplace installation and maintenance. This certification ensures that our technicians have the highest level of training and knowledge in the industry.

Our Services


We are a one-stop shop for all your gas appliance needs. In addition to offering superior gas fireplace products, we also provide installation and repairs.

Gas Logs

Press a button, have a fire. That’s the charm of adding gas logs. You can still take pleasure in real flames, without the headaches of maintaining the wood.


Visualize spending your nights toasting marshmallows or delighting in a glass of red wine as an open fire dances before your eyes.

Why Choose Us

Project Safety

Project Safety

Quality Work & Attention To Detail

Quality Work & Attention To Detail

Fire Alarm

Family-owned Business

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Licensed And Insured NFI Certified

You can have peace of mind knowing that you are protected and in great hands with our qualified professionals. Read more about us and how we got started in the hearth industry.

Customer Testimonials

Désirée B
Désirée B
We remodeled our family room and wanted an updated fireplace. We were shocked by how expensive the linear models were and resigned ourselves not to remodel the fireplace element. My husband did a bit more research and happened upon Shane. Divine intervention! Shane was so patient with us during the whole process. He is an excellent communicator, installer and educator. As I drove away the day they were installing, it occurred to me that I should do a bump out. I did a UTurn, drove home, ran in and queried: “hey! is it too late to do a bump out?” Nope! On the fly we designed the bump out, he told us what he and his partner would charge, they went to HD, picked up supplies, came back, built the bump out and then installed the fireplace. AMAZING customer service before, during and after! During my remodel experience, we have worked with numerous craftsmen and tradesmen. Shane is a remarkable on all levels!
Lydia Skinner
Lydia Skinner
Shane came out same day, capped off our exterior gas line to an old grill safely, and tested before and after to ensure that it was sealed properly. Straightforward interaction and reasonable pricing! I would recommend him for your needs
Rebecca Russo
Rebecca Russo
Shane was communicative and responsive. He was easy to work with and our new fireplace doors look amazing!
Amy Solomon
Amy Solomon
Shane is the best fireplace installer. Great feedback and service.
Bobby Roblo
Bobby Roblo
Shane was wonderful to work with! We had such a great experience. Can't wait to hire him for our next project!
Peter Jaacks
Peter Jaacks
Shane is awesome. He is very professional and his knowledge and service was excellent. We are very happy with our fireplace!
Rachel Currat
Rachel Currat
Shane was very friendly, professional and great to work with! We had issues getting some of the parts due to supply chain, but Shane got it resolved quickly during a very busy time of year. He was also very patient with answering all of my questions. We absolutely love our new fireplace! It looks beautiful and keeps our home cozy.
John ONeal
John ONeal
Wendy Heath Santeramo, HomeSmart
Wendy Heath Santeramo, HomeSmart
Simply amazing customer service!! Installed components to my gas fireplace and hooked up the gas line!! Knowledgeable and professional! Will definitely recommend and use in the future!!
Marta Szarka
Marta Szarka
Professional and quality work. I will come back for future projects. Thank you Shane!

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